Applied R&M Manual for Defence Systems

(GR-77 Issue 2012)



This R&M Reference is presented as an aid to both the Ministry of Defence and Industry in the engineering of availability, reliability and maintainability at all stages of the lifecycle of a system, type of equipment or instance thereof.

Part A - R&M General

There are a number of high level subjects to be addressed in any reference. These form an introduction and set the scene. Here they look at R&M in general, how R&M relates to other engineering disciplines and what it consists of at a high level.

Part B - R&M Related Activities

The structured decomposition identifies a number of activities that are undertaken under the banner of R&M. Each activity has a purpose, in terms of producing a given type of information, and is performed through the use of one or more techniques.

Part C - R&M Related Techniques

The activities above are achieved by applying R&M techniques. There are many techniques that have been developed over the years. This section aims to present a fairly comprehensive set of techniques but can not guarantee to cover all techniques.

Part D - R&M Supporting Theory

Underlying the techniques described in other parts is a substantial level of theory. This is best presented in its own right to avoid detail and duplication in the technique chapters.

Part E R&M Management Techniques

The processes and techniques employed in R&M Engineering are only as good as the management structure supporting them. Appropriate R&M Management will enable effective use of resources while optimising time and expenditure. This section provides guidance on the R&M Management techniques available.

Part F Engineering for R&M

Engineering for R&M optimises Capability and in turn the cost of ownership by the cost effective improvement of reliability with the optimisation of maintenance intervention. This section provides guidance on the techniques available.

Part G - Miscellaneous

This section compliments Parts A to D by providing a number of useful leaflets, templates, terms of reference and other documents and papers to encourage and enable the successful management of R&M acquisition and development programmes.


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